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Get YOUR Roam Like Ghosts Merchandise!!!!!!

Get your own Roam Like Ghosts apparel and accessories here! You won't be able to grab this swag at a live performance. The T-Shirt designs in this merch store were created by Mathew Daugherty.

Roam Like Ghosts is an original acoustic duo of Mathew Daugherty on vocals and Bucky Fairfax on guitars. The group blends rock and folk for an alternative sound that is a fall back to post grunge acoustic ballads with progressive swampy flair.

The virtual duo based in Reston, VA and Cary, NC respectively, rejoins twenty years after their former band SEDAH, based in Richmond, VA, ended. Although Daugherty and Fairfax continued separately with other bands, notably for Daugherty - Drivelink, 3STARKARMA and notably for Fairfax - Radio Silent Auction, and Something for Now, collaborations occurred over the years for a handful of songs. In 2017, a new sound and writing style with more subtle intensity and reflection emerged between the duo. Delicate guitar playing and restraint coupled with vocal strength, ghostly melodies, and sober thoughtfulness forms songs of love and loss, life and death, hope and fear.

With their debut album Yesterday and the Day Before, Roam Like Ghosts returns to provide a musical fusion and softer side of their formative rebellious years with reminiscence, simplicity, and refinement.

Roam Like Ghosts sophomore release, '...to that place you call home', expands on the elements of the band's acoustic sound, exploring love and loss, life and death, hope and fear and delivers a reflective and emotive mix of songs. The new album finds the group hosting a number of guest musicians providing percussive and ethereal accompaniment to the album's well rounded alternative sound in a full production release.